Superstar or Supergrip? 那一個是真名字?

Famously known as “Superstar”, was the first low-top basketball shoe to feature an all-leather upper. Back in the days, the sneaker introduced an entirely new concept of basketball shoe construction called a “shell sole” developed by Horst Dassler (son of adidas founder Adi Dassler) and Severn. The shell tote was designed to slow down wear and tear in the forefoot area, and thus was named “Supergrip” in 1964.

The name “Superstar” appeared in 1969, was endorsed by the basketball superstar Kareem Abdul Jabbar with USD 25,000 a year contract.

著名的 “Superstar” 可以說是史上第一雙擁有全真皮的低筒籃球鞋。在當時,這雙由 Horst Dassler (adidas 創辦人 Adi Dassler 之兒子)及 Severn 為籃球鞋結構開創了名為 “shell sole” 的技術。這技術有效減低了前腳掌因長期使用所造成的磨損,因而在 1964 年取名 “Supergrip”。

直至 1969年,adidas 跟著名 NBA 球星 Kareem Abdul Jabbar 簽了一份價值 25,000 美元的合約,從此以後球鞋也改名為 “Superstar”。

Source: and “Trainers” by Neal Heard (Carlton Books)