Stan Smith or Robert Haillet?

The famous adidas Originals Stan Smith model, first introduced in 1965, is one of the most popular sneaker models in history. However, the legendary name Stan Smith was first linked to the sneaker model only since 1971, after the endorsement with the U.S. Open winner Stan Smith.

Before Stan Smith, it was Mr. Robet Haillet (a French tennis player) showing on the tongue.

1965 年首次面世 adidas Originals 的著名球鞋 Stan Smith,可以說是其中一雙球鞋史上最受歡迎的之一。但是 Stan Smith 這個傳奇名字是直至 1971 年才跟這雙球鞋連繫上(在 Stan Smith 拿到美國網球公開賽以後)。

在 Stan Smith 之前,鞋舌上還是印著 Robet Haillet (一名法國網球手)的頭像。

Source: “Trainers” by Neal Heard (Carlton Books)